How to grow a YouTube channel from a TikTok scraper

How to grow a YouTube channel from a TikTok scraper


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Yeah! as the title of this article suggests. I will be creating a TikTok video scrapper, so the biggest question here, is why?


To be completely honest with you guys. I want to start uploading videos on YouTube, but growing a YT channel from scratch is actually hard and takes a lot of time and dedication " which I'm surely lacking "


So after I watched a guy over on TikTok suggesting re-upload TikToks to youtube shorts to get a bunch of subscribers faster, and later deleting them. In order, to start uploading your own content. I gave it a try and Oh Lord! to my surprise It actually works one of my videos got 9k views on the first-day, and even I got more than 20 subscribers on the first day, as well.


Here is some proof:


Here is my channel name, by the way, I upload memes:


So when I see this working I decided to automate the process so I can accelerate the process even more, and after thinking a lot I decided to do it, and that's why you see this post. Because I came to a conclusion and of course seeing that there is an ongoing contest by Hashnode.

I decided to create a series following the process of becoming a YouTuber in a short period of time of course, all the series will be more oriented to the technical standpoint and not the marketing one (but if you want something related to marketing in tech, comment it).


So to close the introduction of this series, I want to spam you with my personal blog in which I will be updating the series faster than I will do in Hasnode.

๐Ÿ˜โšก Here is the link: